GRAMMAR: zaznacz właściwą odpowiedź – a, b, c lub d:

1. She __________ a student.
A) are B) am C) is D) be

2. "Where are you _________?"  "I live in Paris."
A) from B) for C) to D) in

3. They _________ read a lot.
A) doesn’t B) don’t C) hasn’t D) aren’t

4. I ___________ speak English very well.
A) am not B) doesn’t C) don’t D) haven’t

5. This is ________________ - Jack.
A) brother Ann’s B) Ann brother C) Ann of brother D) Ann’s brother

6. At the moment we ___________ our clothes.
A) wash B) are wash C) washing D) are washing

7. I’m ___________ a teacher when I finish my studies.
A) being B) going to be C) going to D) be

8. ________________ you that book last week?
A) did she give B) does she give C) gave she D) gives she

9. This blouse is _______________ than that one.
A) cheaper B) more cheap C) more cheaper D) the cheapest

10. What makes you feel really _______________?
A) bore B) bores C) boring D) bored

11. There are _____________ cars in that city. There’s nowhere to park.
A) too much B) too many C) too fast D) too big

12. If we _______________ soon, we’ll be late.
A) aren’t leaving B) didn’t leave C) won’t leave D) don’t leave

13. Every year this town ________________ by over a million of people.
A) is visited B) visits C) are visited D) visited

14. I got there at 7 but they __________________.
A) already left B) already were left C) have already left D) had already left

15. I had to go and see __________ manager at work.
A) a B) the C) an D) ----

16. I really like this place. ____________, the people are very friendly.
A) However B) Although C) What’s more D) On the other hand

17. It’s better _____________ through the park at night.
A) to not walk B) not to walk C) not walking D) don’t walk

18. They live on a busy street. ______________ a lot of noise from the traffic.
A) It must be B) There must be C) There must have D) It must have

19. They gave me a form and told me to _______________.
A) fill in B) filling in C) fill in it D) fill it in

20. I wish I _____________ a car. It would make my life easier.
A) have B) had C) would have D) will have

21. It took us quite a log time to get there. It was ______________ journey.
A) three hour B) a three-hours C) a three-hour D) three hours

22. _____________ she can’t drive, she bought a car.
A) Even B) Even though C) Even if D) Even when

23. What’s the name of the man ______________________?
A) you borrowed his car B) which car you borrowed C) whose car you borrowed D) his car you borrowed

24. The police officer stopped us and asked us where ___________________.
A) were we going B) are we going C) we are going D) we were going

25. Do you want ________________ with you?
A) me coming B) me to come C) that I come D) that I will come

VOCABULARY: zaznacz właściwą odpowiedź – a, b, c lub d:

1. I like going __________ the cinema
A) to B) with C) in D) on

2. She ____________ got brown hair
A) is B) wears C) has D) wants

3. I always ___________ bread for breakfast.
A) am B) drink C) do D) eat

4. They usually ___________ to work.
A) take B) drive C) are D) make

5. Tom goes to school _________ bus.
A) to B) at C) in D) by

6. "What __________ do you like best?"   "I like apples."
A) vegetable B) meat C) fruit D) drink

7. He goes to bed _________ 11 o’clock.
A) at B) on C) in D) for

8. This film is very ____________. It makes me laugh.
A) sad B) bad C) funny D) dramatic

9. I ____________ too much money. I must buy everything I like.
A) earn B) give C) put D) spend

10. We ___________ some beautiful photos when we were on holidays.
A) made B) did C) took D) gave

11. It seems _________ me that we are lost.
A) by B) for C) to D) from

12. Don’t laugh _________ me. Everyone makes mistakes.
A) from B) at C) of D) on

13. Kitty’s very _____________. She goes out with her friends almost every day.
A) outgoing B) talkative C) quiet D) sociable

14. I’m fed up __________ my neighbors.
A) on B) at C) with D) for

15. These big windows make this room really _______________.
A) spacious B) tiny C) cosy D) bright

16. I would like to ______________ for a job of receptionist.
A) apply B) work C) get D) receive

17. My sister has just got _______________ to a very nice man and they’re planning their wedding.
A) married B) divorced C) separated D) engaged

18. We haven’t got a garage so we keep our car in the _____________.
A) attic B) drive C) porch D) hedge

19. I’d like a big _____________ of chocolate, please.
A) jar B) bar C) packet D) can

20. We thought the waiter was very nice, so we left a big _______________.
A) tip B) money C) bill D) cash

21. I think I’m addicted _________ chocolate. It’s like a drug.
A) at B) to C) from D) in

22. My grandmother walks, cycles and does yoga. She’s __________ very good shape.
A) with B) at C) in D) into

23. We saw a brilliant film last night. It was ________________.
A) amazing B) forgettable C) predictable D) dull

24. The government has just ___________ a law banning smoking in restaurants.
A) put B) passed C) done D) signed

25. He was accused _________ murder.
A) with B) by C) off D) of

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